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A Boring Bio:

Xiong Wei is a contemporary artist/sculptor based in Brooklyn.
He is interested in the emotional bond and rational relationships among people, between human body and object body, the role of humanity playing as one of the species in our nature. Xiong’s work is concerned with confrontational themes such as violence, mental burden, and the relationship of individualism to collectivism. His sculpture emphasizes the bodily scale, the spectator’s body’s relation with the body of artwork, and the space they coexist.


A Formula of My Soup:

Pork bone-*Structure:
Simply speaking, my artistic practice in sculpture can be regarded as an art of integrating three-dimensional objects in space. I’m doing collage in space. Space is my paper or canvas.

Scallion, Jinger and other seasoning- *Skill:
Instead of using ready-made or collected images and objects like artists like Rachel Harrison, I prefer to use elements made by myself. Excellent academic sculptural ability allows me to create whatever elements I need for my project. 

Meat, Boo-ya -*Material:
I like to and mainly use raw materials like wood, clay, metal, plaster, and concrete; Readymade and old found objects sometimes are also involved. 

Small simmer and timmmmme- *Concept:
Specific concepts are closely related to what I focus on at each stage, but topics are always about the relation of people, bodies, life, death, and rebirth.


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