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67 Division Street, Chinatown, New York City

Photographic documentation of an Action

36 x 27" / 3pc

In the early fall of 2019, I went under the Manhattan Bridge on the Chinatown side in the early morning, quickly spray-painted this a puzzling, negative, and illegal graffiti sentence - “Chinatown is not Chinatown” on the wall and then fled away.


9/5 The first picture was taken.


Ten days later. "Is not" was gone.  All what's left is "Chinatown       Chinatown". 


10/13, more graffiti appeared on the wall, the place that had been erased in the middle was filled in with a new work, combined with rest of the original sentence. It's hard for me to read, so I asked a friend from LA who doodles a lot, an expert. He told me that it seemed to be a girl's name, because this variant is often used to write names and girls always like to put two hearts next to it.

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